The Equinox is not yet upon us, but here in the Dracula Halo, I can feel that it’s closer than I would like it. However, creativity is a pillar of personal power, and there are often resources we overlook.

For those of us who specialize in umbrakinesis, the lack of darkness can make us feel weakened, ill, and mentally off-balance. However, we can still keep up our own reservoirs of personal dark power, and a well of it is always next to you. Your Shadow.

The brighter the light, the stronger the shadow. When you are out in the brightness and the heat that is so fatal to an umbrakineticist, find your shadow. Extend your left (dominant) hand to it, your palm over the precious dark patch. Will it into yourself. Your shadow may seem to brighten somewhat, even flicker, but in the face of a sunny die, it will not sputter out, no matter how much you take into yourself. Use it when you need to, and refresh yourself to your heart’s content.

Always remember, friends- you can’t lock up The Darkness.


I have said before that House Dracul is a house of many mansions, and I hope that is becoming increasingly clearer as our Strain spreads across the internet as we have through the Dracula Halo.

Across our broad presence in many worlds, I have stowed countless treasures for the curious and the loyal, and here you will find still more.